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Snorkeling is a wonderful activity – you truly dive into a different world. Our area is very suitable for snorkeling with a varied underwater landscape with impressive rocks, sandy areas and sea grass meadows. The best time of the year for snorkeling is early summer or September when the water is warm enough but it’s usually not too windy. With a little patience and luck you can get the chance to observe quite a few sea animals and plants.

Here some photos from our bay. You can find more pictures here.

In many places the underwater landscape is quite rocky, especially around the little island in our bay.

Several species of bream can often be seen while snorkeling.

Sarpa salpa is a common fish species around Naxos.

Shady and overhanging rocks are among the richest and most interesting habitats in the sea.

Many species of algae grow on the rocks in shallow water.

Here some photos we took while snorkeling at the coast of the Mákares islands that lie in about 8 km distance off Moutsoúna. Photos from our bay you can find here.

underwater landscape at the Mákares-islands

Different algae grow on the rocks.

Algae are very pretty!

the Mediterranean parrotfish, Sparisoma cretense

Neptun gras meadows are a very rich biotope.

Grey mullets usually swim right below the sea surface.

Damselfish and bogue fish are also very common.