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The Sights and monuments of Naxos

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The island of Naxos has many sights to offer. Apart from its natural beauty, there are many interesting monuments, buildings, ruins and archaeological sites to visit.

In keeping with its long and eventful history, you can visit on Naxos the remains from many different eras: from the Bronze Age and the Geometric epoch to the Archaic epoch and Classical Antiquity, the Byzantine era and the Middle Ages; but there is also much to discover from the modern era with its traditional self-sufficient economy. The sights of Naxos include temples and sanctuaries, ancient cemeteries and settlements, ancient statues, water pipes and bridges, fortresses of various ages, towers, churches and monasteries, emery mines and traditional oil, water and wind mills.

On these pages I endeavour to present not only the well-known monuments of the island, which are usually easily accessible and sometimes even provided with signs and explanations, but also the lesser-known ones, which are often just as interesting and which you can and must discover on your own. Please show respect to the monuments you visit and try to follow the rule: “Take nothing but photographs and leave nothing but footprints”.
By clicking on the following pictures you get to the pages about the four undercategories: Temples – Churches – Fortresses – Other sights.

Below that follows a photo gallery with all the sights and monuments, sorted according to the epoch. Clicking on the pictures will take you to the article about the monument. On the bottom of the page you will find all the articles in one list.

The Sights and monuments of Naxos

– nach Epochen sortiert, von der Vorgeschichte bis zur Neuzeit –

1. Prehistoric times

The Cave of Zeus
Early Bronze age acropolis in Panormos
Early Bronze age sanctuary at Koryfi t’Aroniou
Mycenaean domed tomb at Komiaki
Panagia Chrysopigi Apiranthos

2. Antiquity

Geometric cemetery at Tsikalario
Temple of Dionysus in Iria
Cave Kako Spilaio near Koronos
Temple of Apollon in the Chora
Temple of Demeter near Sangri
Sanctuary at Flerio near Melanes
Kouros of Flerio near Melanes
Ancient aqueduct from Flerio to Chora
Kouros of Apollonas
Ancient quarry at Apollonas
Ancient inscription at Apollonas
The Hellenistic tower of Chimarrou

3. Byzantium (Middle ages I)

Byzantine fortress Apalirou
Byzantine fortress Kalogeros
Panagia Drosiani Moni
Panagia Protothronos Chalki
Agia Kyriaki Apiranthos
Joannis Theologos Danakos
Fortified monastery at Danakos
Agios Mamas Potamia
Agios Georgios and Agios Pachomios Apiranthos
Agios Joannis Kerami
Agios Panteleimonas Lakkomersina
Agios Georgios Marathos
Panagia Archatou Agiassos
Joannis Theologos Kaminiou Kalandos
Agios Joannis and Agios Georgios Sifones
Agios Andreas Apano Kastro
Panagia Liouriotissa Marathos
Agios Nikolaos Troullos Komiaki
Agios Pachomios Tsikalario

4. Venetian epoch (Middle ages II) and Modern times

Apano Kastro
Venetian Castro in the Chora
Venetian towers
Venetian tower and monastery Agia
Jesuit monastery Kalamitsia
Agios Artemios Kinidaros
Bridge near Kinidaros
Panagia Argokiliotissa Koronos
Tree and Church near Kaloxylos

Here all links to the articles about the sights and monuments again as a list:
More sights (natural monuments and monuments of the traditional life: traditional houses, water mills…) you find on the page Other sights and monuments.

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