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Directory of the categories

A thematically sorted list of all “standing” articles on this website can be found in the table of contents; on this page you will find the list of the categories into which the articles on the website are categorised.

What is the difference between the table of contents and the list of categories?

The categories contain additional short or “topical” posts that are not part of the “standing” framework of posts in the table of contents; for example, on the subject of “Weather” there is a post in the table of contents about “Rain, hail and thunderstorms”, while in the “Rain” category there are also several other small reports about heavy rainfall in our area. In addition, the categories can cover different topics; for example, the category “Apiranthos” contains all articles that have something to do with Apiranthos, i.e. the article about the village itself, articles about sights in and around Apiranthos, about hikes near Apiranthos and about the traditional carnival in the village.

However, not all the items in the table of contents appear in some the category, for example I have only created categories for the periods of Naxos’ history for which there are at least two other articles in addition to the main article.

Please note that only a part of the web site has yet been translated into English! For the articles without translation try using Google translate (copy the URL and paste it into the field opening when you click on “websites”).