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Calendar and Reservation

The reservations appear with the first three letters of the name of the guests. If you have made a reservation please check that it is registered correctly in the calendar. Thank you!

Please note: House 1 and 2 are in the front / lower row (Liondári and Lemoniá), House 3 and 4 in the hind / upper row (Rodiá and Eliá).

Please note:

– House 1 and 2 (Liondári and Lemoniá) are in the front / lower row

– House 3 and 4 (Rodiá and Eliá) are in the hind / upper row

In order to book a stay in our holiday homes please use the booking form (see below) or contact us by email ( For enquiries you can of course also call (0030-2285068258 and 0030-6936620180, preferably in the evening; you can also send a text message to the second number). Please note that there may be other ongoing enquiries in addition to the bookings listed in the booking plan.

Arrival and departure days can be chosen freely.

You can choose the house you would like to stay in (if it is still available). All houses are the same in size, furnishing and equipment, with the exception that Cottage 1 (Liondári) has a double bed in the sleeping area, while the other three houses each have two single beds (standing side by side). All houses provide a beautiful view of the sea. The price of the lower houses is about 10 € per day higher than that of the upper ones.

Booking form

Buchungsformular Ferienhäuser Azalas English (#3)
After receiving your request, I will contact you as soon as possible to inform you about the progress of your booking or to answer your questions.
If you would like to come but do not yet know your exact travel dates, I can make a provisional booking for you. Don’t forget to let me know your final dates as soon as you know them. Please also inform me immediately if your arrival or departure changes, even if only by one day, after booking the flights/ferries.

Your booking should appear in the booking calendar no later than two days after your final booking. Please make sure that your travel dates are correct and contact me immediately if you do not find yourself correctly in the booking calendar.

Please contact me at any time if you have questions or need any information. We are happy to help you solve your problems and answer your questions about your stay and your trip. If possible, you should contact me about a week before your arrival so that we can clarify any last questions you may have about your journey and stay. If you have a mobile phone with you on your trip, it may be useful if you give me your number so that I can contact you if necessary.

Please don’t forget to let me know immediately if you need to cancel your booking or if there are any changes to your travel plans (even if the dates change only for one day)! I hope you understand how important this is to us (and to other guests who may wish to come!) Thank you!