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Paradise beach days

These calm days in spring, they are simply the best – right out of paradise…!

An early start with the sunrise:
Then off to the beach. The water sea is still cool in May, but once you are in it, it’s marvellous!
We find and catch some small animals.

We find this shrimp (Philocheras fasciatus) which is rarely seen as it lives buried in the sand.

We catch (and release afterwards of course) this small goby (Pomatoschistus microps)

The Wide-eyed flounder is common in the shallow water.

Like the former two species it is sand-coloured and exellently camouflaged.

These small blennies, quite common at the coast, are easy to catch.

Blennies are territorial fish that often inhabit old date mussel holes.

An uncommonly large crab of the species Pachygrapsus marmoratus

Who dares to catch it?

It is a female that carries the eggs under its abdomen.

Here you can see the crab from below.

We find this Beadlet anemone on the rocks of the little island.

Caulerpa racemosa, a chlorophyte (“green alga”)

probably Liagora viscida, a rhodophyte (“red alga”)

also very beautiful: Wrangelia penicillata

On the way home we enjoy once more the view over our bay with the islands of Mákares and Donoússa in the background.