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Scuba diving with Blue Fin Divers

Guest Contribution by Christl

After five members of my extended family completed the ‘PADI Open Water’ course at Blue Fin Divers in Agios Prokopios in 2020, I decided to join in October 2020 and had my first dive to a depth of 18 meters. I explored the Graviera Reef with its numerous caves and the area in front of the diving school, including the wreck of the cargo ship Marianna at 18 meters depth. In June 2021, I completed the ‘Open Water Advanced course’ and was able to circle around the Marianna shipwreck in its entirety (about 30 meters to the seabed) and partially dive through it. My most exciting diving experience so far! The diving instructor tells the amusing story of the ship wreck before the descent.

In approximately 30 meters of depth off Naxos lies the wreck of a Beaufighter, a British aircraft from World War II. Bullet holes are still visible. The pilots survived and remained on the island for the rest of their lives. There’s also the wreck of a ferry and other reefs to explore, which I will do on my next dives!

a purple nudibranch (likely Flabellina affinis) on a tree-shaped colony of hydroid polyps (likely Eudendrium), which it feeds on

The crew at the diving school is highly professional, and Panos is always ready for a joke. All equipment is up-to-date and available for rent.

You can find great photos of various dives on Blue Fin Divers’ website.


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