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Photo gallery “The beach”

“Our” beach at Ágios Dimítris

“our” beach at the bay of Ágios Dimítris

“our” bay

Our sand beach is small, but very beautiful and clean.

The water is shallow near to the beach – ideal for playing.

summer beach days

The calm days are simply magical!

There is always something to discover at the rocky coast.

And the rocks are perfect to jump into the water!

In summer there are usually waves at our beach.

fun with exceptionally high waves

The fine sand ist great for building castles.

The stones may call out your creativity as well!

With heavy storms the sand gets sometimes carried away.

sunrise at the beach

At the coast to the north of Ágios Dimítris

the coast north of Ágios Dimítris

Here the water remains calm with the summerly north winds.

the next small bay, called Firolimnári

rocks at Firolimnári

the well protected, hidden bay Kryfolimanáki

Kryfolimanáki seen from above

the coast a bit further north, called Alatsógournes

amazing rock formations

a small pebble beach at Alatsógournes

another idyllic bay with a rocky coast, but sandy ground

large pebble beach at the ravine to the north of Ágios Dimítris