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Photo gallery “The area”

Ágios Dimítris

The Holiday homes Azalas lie next to the small settlement Ágios Dimítris.

Only a few houses make up the small settlement.

Ágios Dimítris in summer

The chapel with the same name stands directly above the sea.

the chapel Ágios Dimítris

the chapel seen from the sea

Landscape near Azalás

view over the bay of Azalás from the north

Azalás in winter

Here the hills meet the coastal plain.

In spring the shrubland is in flower.

torrente (usually dry river bed) with flowering oleander

Olive trees on the low hills

In spring the fields in the coastal plain are covered with flowers.

small wood of sclerophyll trees on the hills

Along the coast grows open maquis vegetation.

Old olive tree with the Cape in the background

wild pear tree in flower

plane tree in the river bed

The shepherds and farmers in the area used to live in small stone houses.

these old stone houses are called “mitátos”

small mitátos on the next hill

The valley to the north of Azalás is deeply incised.

In places the river bed forms a small gorge.

gorge at the river south of Azalás

Cape Stavrós

Cape Stavrós from the mountain

The cape lies between Moutsoúna (to the right) and Azalás (to the left).

with the kayak at the tip of the cape

on the north side of the cape

view from the cape onto the bay of Azalás

The beach consists of stones and pebbles.

looking over the bay towards Ágios Dimítris

at the tip of the cape

The tip of the cape is very special place!

beautiful juniper bush


the small harbour village of Moutsoúna

There are several taverns directly at the beach.

Here you can sit wonderfully to enjoy your meal.

At the quay the emery was loaded onto boats.

monument for the emery workers

In winter it is quiet in Moutsoúna.

plane tree at the village “square”

fishing boats at the quay

Behind this hill lies the wonderful beach of Chochlakás.

the amazing beach Chochlakás

The beach lies on the south side of the cape, so that the water is calm in summer.

To get to the beach you have to walk down this steep rock face.