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More Sights and monuments

Here you find articles about sights and monuments of Naxos that do not fit into the other categories but should not be left out: cemeteries and tombs, ancient water pipes and natural monuments such as remarkable trees and caves.

Unfortunately there is yet no translation available for some of the pages you find under the links below. Maybe try to translate the pages with Google translate (copy the URL and paste it into the field opening when you click on “websites”).

More ancient sights (cemeteries, tombs, water pipes)

Mycenaean domed tomb at Komiaki
Mycenaean tomb near Apiranthos
Geometric cemetery near Tsikalario
Ancient water pipe from Flerio to Chora

Natural monuments (caves, special trees…)

Cave of Zeus
Kako Spilaio near Koronos
Dragon cave near Mesi
largest olive tree
Holm oaks of Kinidaros
Vallonean oaks at Karkos near Apiranthos

Historical buildings and sites: old houses, oil mills, water mills, lime kilns… (only in German)

Brücke bei Kinidaros
Mitati – die traditionellen Steinhäuser
Steinhäuser am Karkos