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What you need and what not

Here a few tips about what you should bring for a vacation at our Holiday homes Azalás and what you don’t need.

Sheets and towels are provided, as well as kitchen towels and general kitchen equipment including some spices. There are no coffee machines in the cottages, but a coffee pot and dripper for filter coffee and an espresso pot.

The windows of the cottages are protected by mosquito screens and there are fly nets for the beds (mosts guests don’t use them – if you keep the door closed it’s usually not necessary except maybe on days without wind).

Experience shows that most guests bring too many clothes, especially in summer. A washing machine is available so you can wash your clothes if necessary. In Azalás you don’t need warmer clothes in summer; however, you may need a jacket in the mountain villages in the evening – there it often cools down quite a bit at night, even in summer. In May and June, as well as September and October, it can be rather hot, but temperatures can also be a bit lower, so you should bring both summer clothes and something warmer like a jacket or a sweater. In the winter months (November to April) you will need warm sweaters or thick jackets as well as a coat for windy days, however it can be warm enough for short sleeved clothing even in the winter months.

Sturdy shoes are recommended for hiking – it’s stony everywhere on Naxos and often you will have to walk through spiny and prickly plants. Walking sticks may also be useful. You don’t have to buy a hiking map – we can lend you one. In spring, summer and autumn you should definitely bring a good hat for the sun. All year round the sun can be so intense that sunscreen is needed if you go hiking or stay outside all day.

At the beach, swimming shoes may be advisable, especially if you want to swim or snorkel along the rocky coast where there may be sea urchins (we don’t use swimming shoes on our sandy beach; they’re not really necessary in the sand). Umbrellas and air mattresses may only be used on the few windless days, so it’s rather not necessary to bring any.

Please contact me at any time if you have any questions about your stay with us!