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Our philosophy

The Holiday homes Azalas originated from a dream: the dream of creating a small community. We built the cottages ourselves, and they were the first houses constructed on Naxos from natural stone in a long time. Reviving this old tradition was not an easy process, and we’re delighted that many people have followed our example. The first guests stayed with us in the year 2000. Over the course of the years, we added various garden areas and pergolas to the property, and eventually built our own home behind the cottages.

Of course, we now use the cottages in a different way, but the idea hasn’t entirely vanished. Sharing and community still play a significant role for us, and it is our greatest joy to connect with our guests.

We love sharing our little paradise, whether by eating a meal together or by providing our guests with our homemade bread and the vegetables we grow in our garden, or by undertaking a hike together. Also I love sharing what I know about the island of Naxos so that you may appreciate its fascinating history, traditions, local culture, climate, geology, vegetation, flora, fauna and marine life as much as I do, either through presentations or through guided tours, and of course through this website.

We appreciate interacting with our guests, even if our time doesn’t always allow for everything. Feel free to come to us with your questions and curiosity, and of course if you encounter any problems or difficulties.
It gives us the greatest joy when your dreams are coming true in your holiday as well!

eating together in the big pergola

during an excursion to the emery mines

We run our cottages with respect for the environment, both human and natural. The cottages are constructed using natural materials (stone, wood, marble) and blend harmoniously with the surroundings. The design and furnishings follow local traditions.

We strive to operate the cottages in the most environmentally friendly way possible. We generate our own electricity through a photovoltaic system; the water in the houses is heated using solar panels. We separate our trash and try to avoid single-use products. The houses are equipped with fans as an alternative to air conditioning. Whenever possible, we use environmentally friendly, biodegradable cleaning agents and endeavor to minimize water consumption.

We especially appreciate it if you support us in our efforts, e.g. by separating your trash for recycling, by trying not to use too much water and by using the air conditioning only if necessary, closing it when you are not in the house for a longer time. Thank you very much!
  • We try to leave only light footsteps!
  • In our garden we leave a lot of space for wild flowers.
  • Spring is the most beautiful time in our garden!

In our garden, we don’t use any chemicals or artificial fertilizers. We make sure to preserve and create ample habitat for wild plants and insects. On our property and in the immediate vicinity occur over 300 species of wild plants, some of which are quite rare. You can also find many interesting insect species in our garden.

Rare plants on our land

  • Spiranthes spiralis
  • Polygala monspeliensis
  • Reichardia intermedia
  • Romulea columnae
  • Nigella doerfleri
  • Astragalus pelecinus

Rare insects in our garden

  • Stizus ruficornis
  • Satyramoeba hetrusca
  • Empusa fasciata
  • Leucospis gigas
  • Mantispa aphavexelte
  • Marumba quercus