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Long-term stays

Only relatively few tourists come to Naxos in winter, even though winter is actually particularly beautiful in Greece. Autumn, winter and spring are ideal also for a longer stay, and our cottages are well suited for long-term stays. For the months of December to April, the rent for stays of more than one month can be arranged individually – please contact me about that.

In winter, Azalas is quiet and peaceful, and you can spend a wonderful time if you want to devote yourself to an activity such as writing or painting. Life here is simple and close to nature – perfect for people who want to get away from the hectic, stressful everyday life and spend time with themselves.

Naxos is located in the middle of the Aegean sea, so the temperatures are in general very mild: Naxos has the highest winter temperatures in Greece. Even in the middle of winter it gets warm in the sun, and the temperatures usually lie around 10 to 20° C (50 – 70° Fahrenheit). Still each winter there are also some periods when it gets quite cool, mostly in between January and March, with a minimum of about 3° C (38° Fahrenheit). Snow may fall in the mountains, and even in Azalas next to the sea it can be quite cold and uncomfortable on windy days. Our cottages are equipped with warm blankets and they can be heated with the fireplace and a small electric radiator, but the windows and doors are not well insulated, so on cold days you will have to put on a warm pullover or, if you want to sit up in the evening, wrap yourself in a blanket. However, the cold weather on Naxos mostly last only for a few days, and it is usually followed by all the more beautiful, sunny and often even quite warm days.
Here a guest book entry from Sheri Herr, who has stayed with us several times for three months in winter and spring:

Winter Stays at the Cottages in Azalas, by Sheri Herr

I can think of nowhere I would rather be than in my cottage in Azalas surrounded by nature. I tell everyone it is a place where you cannot avoid PEACE. Astrid and Nikos have truly created a heaven on earth! I have been blessed to stay there for periods of 3 months each time I’ve gone. Azalas in winter is like stepping out of my busy reality and finding myself in a place where my mind, body and soul are completely nourished – the soft sound of the sea so close, the sunshine, the long walks, the organic gardens from which to pick a fresh meal, the carafe of wine ever full in my cottage, the fresh loaf of bread from the fire oven delivered periodically to my door, and the sound of the children playing so happily. Every day begins with a humbling sunrise, oh the sunrises! They set the tone for a day of slow discovery and appreciation for the simplicities of life. Even the very few rainy days are amazing in their contrast, providing an opportunity to snuggle up inside my stone cottage listening to the wave crashing on the shore while sitting in front of a fire. Nearly every night the sky is filled with millions of stars that feel so close that you could touch them. Most of all, I love the quiet I am always afforded in Azalas and the loving welcome that emanates from everyone I encounter – time for long deep conversations and really getting to know another. In Azalas, everyone shares, everyone contributes, everyone smiles. And, if you are really lucky, at the end of a long glorious day, you get to gather at the main house to enjoy one of Astrid’s fabulous meals followed by laughter, music and song. Yes… to me the cottages in Azalas are heaven – a true “coming home”.