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Fortresses and towers

Shipping developed very early on in the Aegean with its numerous islands: People reached the islands by boat and ship, were in contact with their neighbours and engaged in trade.

But the sea also brought dangers: Piracy became a problem for the inhabitants of the islands as early as the Early Bronze Age, and from the 3rd millennium BC until modern times, the regions near the coast were repeatedly attacked by pirates or by the various neighbours and neighbouring peoples. It is therefore not surprising that the inhabitants of the Aegean surrounded their settlements with fortifications and built defence towers and fortresses to which they could retreat in the event of an attack. Several fortresses and numerous defence towers have been preserved on Naxos.

So far I have only presented a selection of the island’s towers and fortresses here; hopefully more will be added over time. If you hover over the picture with the mouse, you will see the name of the monument and can click on the corresponding entry. At the bottom of the page you will also find a list of all contributions.
The Early Bronze age acropolis in Panormos
The Hellenistic tower of Chimarrou
The Byzantine fortress of Apalirou
The Byzantine fortress ofn Mount Kalogeros
The fortified monastery of Fotodotis near Danakos
The Venetian fortress Apano Kastro
The Venetian Castro in the Chora
The Venetian towers of Naxos
The Venetian tower in Agia