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For whom

Our cottages are ideal for people who want to relax in a quiet, peaceful environment, and for those who love nature or the original Greek way of life.

In Azalás you are at the right place if you want to truly relax and wind down, leaving all stress and worries behind you. Whether you enjoy your day at the beach or in the cool shade of the pergola, or pass the warm summer evenings on your terrace under the stars with a glass of our delicious home made wine – here you will find peace and quiet happy moments far away from the crowds of commercial tourism.
Naxos is also an ideal place to visit if you are interested in getting to know the local nature and culture during your vacation. With 440 km2 the island offers a great variety of landscapes and endless possibilities for excursions. In the central and eastern part of the island, where tourism is less developed, you still encounter the original Greek lifestyle with its quiet rhythm of hospitality. In the mountain villages you can find many traces of old traditions and remnants of the ancient culture.
Hiking on the old paths, here at mount Fanári
near Apíranthos
near Skepóni
the large pilgrimage church Panagía Argokiliótissa
the Temple of Demeter near Sangrí
For families with children our cottages are also well suited. There are hardly any cars and the children can safely play or discover the surrounding nature.
Children have a lot of fun especially at the beach.
There is always something to explore!
fishing at the rocky coast
summer beach days
on the summit of mount Zas
Finally our cottages are also suitable for long-term stays during the off season months October till April, whether you are looking for a simple, natural life in a beautiful environment, or for a peaceful, isolated home for creative occupation like writing or painting. Even in winter the weather on Naxos is mostly mild and sunny, and on cold days the cottages can be heated with the fireplace and an electrical oven. We ourselves live next to the cottages and are always available to answer your questions or solve your problems.
a stormy day
The days with “bad” weather also have their charm!