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Grasshoppers and crickets

Grasshoppers and crickets belong to the insect order Orthoptera that is divided into two big suborders, the Ensifera characterized by their long antennae and the Caelifera with short antennae. Worldwide exist about 20,000 grasshopper and cricket species. Grasshoppers are typical … Continue reading

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The vegetation of Naxos

For visitors from Central Europe, the island of Naxos seems in many places at first glance rather barren and dreary. low dwarf shrub vegetation at Ágios Dimítris The impression is deceptive, however, and will be revised quickly with a visit, … Continue reading

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The landscape of Naxos

Naxos has a lot to offer, its nature as well as its culture. The landscape is especially varied: there are barren slopes where hardly any plants can survive and lush river valleys with dense vegetation; there are high, remote peaks … Continue reading

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The cicada

Greek summer: heat, wind, and draught – and the endless songs of the crickets and the cicadas. Of the cicadas in particular. The screech of Cicada orni tirelessly shrills in the trees all summer long from dawn to dusk. Yes, … Continue reading

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The birds of Naxos

Typical for islands, the number of breeding bird species on Naxos is lower than on the adjacent mainland. Regardless of this fact, Naxos Island’s avifauna is astonishingly rich and includes a greater diversity of species than most of the neighbouring … Continue reading

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