Boat trip at Panormos

In the very southeast corner of Naxos lies the bay of Pánormos, well protected from the summerly north winds. The large bay with its beach of sand and pebbles is ideal for swimming and snorkeling. Nearby lies an interesting Bronze Age settlement (Korphári ton Amygdalión), which can be reached by a short walk. Close to the beach you can buy refreshments and snacks at a small kiosk. Today we want to do the boat tour with the “Gialitissa” along the south coast.

Along the beach stand some palm trees which provide shade and a beautiful space to sit even on the hottest days.

The bay of Pánormos is completely protected of the north winds that prevail in summer and is thus perfect for swimming and snorkeling.

Today we participate in the two hour boat tour with the Gialitissa, a former fishing boat with space for up to 12 persons.

The boat follows the coast, passing five small bays till the bay of Rína shortly before Kalandós. At each bay the boat makes a short halt and guide Andreas explains the particularities and history of the area.

Coming out of the bay of Pánormos we pass the low marble hill with the Bronze Age settlement.

In nearly every direction there are islands on the horizon. Towards the southeast we look towards the uninhabited island of Kéros, an important centre of the Bronze Age civilization, nowadays protected due to its archeological importance, before that one can see the low islands of Káto and Áno Koufoníssi.

In some places caper bushes grow in the coastal rocks.

Here and there the coast is very steep with impressive rocks.

In other places even marble rocks dive at a low angle into the sea.

Here marble was quarried in antiquity as it could be easily loaded into boats and thus transported to the settlements and temples.

The destination of the trip is this small bay of Rína, seen here from land (picture taken on a hiking tour).

In the bay the Gialitissa stops and captain Jannis serves a good traditional snack with wine. Everybody who likes jumps into the water.

Together with the guide we swim into this small but rather deep cave.

In the cave. The guide explains the history and mythology connected to this cave. Very impressive are the light effects in the cave: When you stir the water it reflects the blue light from outside. Picture taken by the crew of the Gialitissa.

You can also jump from the rocks near the cave into the water! The crew members take care that everybody is safe.

After that there is still time enough to swim to the beach and explore that. In the southern corner of the beach a small spring runs out of the rocks, hardly a meter away from the sea. The water is brackish, but goats and insects like to come here for a refreshment.

Finally we return to Pánormos. Everybody is delighted with the trip and the very kind and professional crew.

For booking a trip use the phone number: 0030-6974625355; tours go daily from 15th of May till 15th of October at 1 pm, 3 pm and 5 pm

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