Other Sights

Das antike Kuppelgrab bei Komiaki Der antike Friedhof bei Tsikalario die antike Wasserleitung von Melanes zur Chora
Der größte Ölbaum Die Zeus-Höhle Die Höhle Kako Spilaio am Koronos

Here you can find those sights and monuments that do not fit in one of the other categories: ancient cemetaries, tombs and water pipes, old trees and caves.

The ancient cemetary of Tsikalarió dates to the Geometric epoch.

The ancient water pipe from the springs of Flerió to the Chóra is in parts quite well preserved.

Die Zeus-Höhle
In the cave at Mount Zeus many interesting artefacts from the Stone Age and later periods have been found.

The biggest olive tree of the island is a true Methuselah.

  1. The Mycenaean Tholos tomb at Komiaki
  2. The Geometric cemetary at Tsikalario
  3. The ancient Water Pipe from Melanes to the Chora
  4. The oldest and biggest Olive Tree
  5. The Cave of Mount Zeus
  6. The Cave Kako Spilaio on Mount Koronos

Here you will find the location of the described sights at Google Earth.

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