Statues and Quarries

die Kouroi von Melanes der Kouros von Apollonas Der antike Steinbruch beim Kouros von Apollonas Die antike Inschrift beim Kouros von Apollonas

For the cultural and economic development of Naxos its resources, especially the occurrence of excellent marble and of emery, were of great importance. Very early in its history Naxos became a center of marble sculpturing and architecture: Here the first monumental marble statues in Greece were made as well as the first temples that were designed in a way that marble was the only material without any use of wood. Today the two antique marble quarries and three unfinished monumental statues that still lie in the quarries belong to the most important sights of the island that no visitor should miss.

The Kouros of Mélanes is always worth a visit.

In the ancient quarry at Apóllonas, you can still in many places see traces of processing on the marble blocks.

Here lies also the gigantic “Kouros of Apóllonas”, which probably represents the god Dionysos, but was never finished.

An ancient inscription identifies the hill of the quarry as sacred area of the god Apollon.

On mount Zeus another well-known antique inscription is preserved: “ΟΡΟΣ ΔΙΟΣ ΜΙΛΩΣΙΟΥ” describes the border of the sacred area, in which the father of the gods Zeus was worshipped.

Here you find information about and many photos of the antique statues and quarries of Naxos:

  1. The Kouroi of Melanes (Flerio)
  2. The Kouros of Apollonas
  3. The ancient marble quarry at Apollonas
  4. The ancient inscription at Apollonas

Here you will find the location of the statues and quarries at Google Earth.

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