Temples and Sanctuaries

Der Dionysos-Tempel in Iria Die Portara Der Demeter-Tempel das antike Heiligtum bei Flerio

On the island of Naxos the remains of several antique temples and sanctuaries can be found. The small but interesting sanctuary near Mélanes, and also three archaic temples: The Temple of Apollo in the Chóra, of which apart from the monumental gate, the Portára, only the foundations are preserved, the Temple of Dionysus in Íria near the Chóra, which was buried deep in the flood plains before its excavation, and last but not least the Temple of Demeter near Sangrí, of which also very little had remained in place, but which could be reconstructed in all its details and was partly rebuilt by gathering together the stones from the temple that had been used in nearby churches, monasteries and walls.

The temples of Naxos are of great interest for the Greek temple architecture: Here on Naxos the important Ionian order of the islands was developed, which later was also used in other islands and in Athens.

tiny temple in the sanctuary near Mélanes

The Temple of Apollo with its gigantic portal was never completed.

The Temple of Dionysus in Íria was the largest temple of the Cyclades.

The Temple of Demeter near Sangrí is doubtless one of the most important sights of Naxos.

Here you find information about and photos of the temples and sanctuaries of Naxos:

  1. The Sanctuary at Flerio
  2. The Temple of Apollo and the Portara
  3. The Temple of Dionysus at Iria
  4. The Temple of Demeter at Sangri

Here you can find the location of the temples and sanctuaries at Google Earth.

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