Description of the way

Cottages “Azalas”, Moutsouna, Naxos

Coordinates: North 37° 05′ 51.65” East 25° 35′ 20.28”

Astrid Scharlau and Nikos Mandilaras

Tel: 0030-22850-68258

mobile: 0030-6936620180

Description of the way to our cottages:
From the harbor town of Naxos (Chora) you take the road over Chalki and Filoti to Apiranthos. There you turn right to Moutsouna and Panormos (at a big brown sign to a prehistoric acropolis in Panormos) and follow the road till the coastal plain. When you can see the very first houses of Moutsouna you turn left into a dirt road with the sign “Azalas”. In winter and spring this road can be a bit bumpy according to the rain we had; in summer it is in usuall in good condition (but dusty). You follow this road nearly to its end, not turning right or left. After about half a kilometer you pass a dry riverbed keeping slightly to the left, not turning right to the beach. You climb a little hill and afterwards cross a second riverbed. Then you reach the little settlement Agios Dimitris. You pass several houses and continue till you reach a little chapel next so the sea. The driveway to the cottages lies directly opposite to the chapel. Our own house lies directly behind the cottages.
If you have difficulties finding us give us a call; we can come and meet you.

The last service station lies in-between Chalki and Filoti: Don’t forget to fill your tank! If you come late in the evening you should tell the car rental that you need a full tank and make sure of it before you get on your way.

You can rent a car only in Naxos-town (Chora), for example here:

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