How to reach us

Please check the availability of our houses on the availability calendar, where you find also important information about the booking-procedure. Always contact us by email or telephone before you make reservations.

How to reach us

Most people come to Naxos by way of Athens. From there you can reach Naxos either by plane or by ferry. There are daily flights from Athens to Naxos by Olympic Airways (make your reservation in time: it is rather difficult to get tickets).

Every day several ferries go to Naxos from Piraeus, the port of Athens. From the airport, you can reach Piraeus by speed bus, with the metro, or by taxi. In summer you can also use the harbor of Rafina, which is closer to the airport of Athens. The Blue Star Ferries take about five hours to Naxos; the high-speed ferries three to four hours. Usually the ferry timetables for summer are not available before March.

If you want to avoid Athens, you can fly to Mykonos or Santorini and then take a ferry to Naxos. There are ferry connections every day between the islands (from Mykonos and Paros about one hour; from Santorini, two or three hours), but usually it is necessary to spend a night at least in one direction.

We can pick you up at the harbor or the airport of Naxos if you don’t wish to rent a car. In this case make sure to contact us a few days before your journey for a final appointment.

Car rentals

If you want to explore all the island of Naxos you should rent a car. That is possible only in Naxos town, for example here:

If you arrive at night make sure that your car rental will bring the car to the harbor even at late hours. Also don’t forget to ask to have the tank filled. The last service station lies in Filoti (closed at night). At night you can fill your tank only in one automatic service station in Naxos town. The way to our cottages takes about one hour by car.

Description of the way for all who come by car. The coordinates of Azalas: 37°05’51.65” N, 25°35’20.25” E

location (GoogleMaps)

the last part of the way from the main road near Moutsouna to Azalas

Remember to do your shopping on your way to Azalas, either in Naxos-town or in Chalki or Filoti. In Moutsouna there is a small mini market where you can find most groceries, but it is open only in summer (early June till mid-September).

Airplane and ferry tickets

To book tickets for a flight to Naxos you can try for example here:
Olympic Airways

It is also advisable to book your ferry tickets in advance, especially if you come in summer.

Or you can book your tickets for example here:
Viva Travel
Ferry Connections
Greek Ferries

Hotels for your journey

According to the times of your flight it is not always possible to reach Naxos or Azalas in one day. If you need to spend a night of the way, our guests have recommended these hotels for you:

Hotels in Piraeus close to the harbor:
Hotel Anemoni, especially recommended by our guests
Hotel Triton
Hotel Anita Argo

A hotel close to the airport of Athens with shuttle service:
Peri’s Hotel

A good, cheap pension in Mykonos:
Mamas Pension

Pensions to spend a night on your arrival in Naxos town:
Pension Kastell
Studio Bourgos


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