How to get to Azalas

How to get to Naxos

Most visitors come to Naxos via Athens. From the port of Piraeus (gr. Peiraiás) several ferries depart each day for Naxos. The Blue Star Ferries go twice every day all year round (departure from Piraeus about 7:25 and 17:30). In summer there are also ferries of Hellenic Seaways (High Speed Ferries) and Sea Jet. The Blue Star Ferries reach Naxos in about 5 hours, the High Speed Ferries and Sea Jets in about 3 to 4 hours. The schedules for the summer are usually published around March.

You can go to the port of Piraeus from the Athens airport by cab, express bus or subway. The subway in Athens is relatively new and convenient, but it is advisable take precautions for pickpockets: Avoid standing near the door and keep your wallet in a place that can’t be reached!

In summer, ferries to Naxos also depart from the port of Rafina, which lies closer to the airport.

If you prefer you can also come to Naxos by airplane. The island is served by Olympic Airways (now part of Aegean Airlines) and Sky Express. The flight takes about 20 minutes. If you also fly to Athens with Aegean Airlines, you can book the entire flight to Naxos as one ticket; then you don’t have to worry about missing your connecting flight.

If you prefer to avoid Athens, you can fly to Santorini or Mykonos instead and come by ferry from there. There are daily ferry connections from these islands to Naxos; however, you usually will have to stay overnight at least in one direction.

Airplane and ferry tickets

You can book tickets for a flight to Naxos here:
Aegean Airlines
Sky Express

It is also advisable to book your ferry tickets in advance, especially if you come in summer.
Blue Star Ferries
Hellenic Seaways Ferries
Sea Jets

Hotels for your journey

According to the times of your flight it is not always possible to reach Naxos or Azalaá in one day. If you need to spend a night in Athens or on Mykonos, our guests have recommended these hotels for you:

Hotels in Piraeus close to the harbor:
Hotel Anemoni, especially recommended by our guests
Hotel Triton
Hotel Anita Argo

A hotel close to the airport of Athens with shuttle service: Peri’s Hotel

A good, relatively cheap pension in Mykonos: Mamas Pension

How to get to Azalás

Most of our guests rent a car for the duration of their stay, so that they can explore the island. You have to rent your car at your arrival in Naxos town; unfortunately it is not possible to rent a car near Azalás. There is a wide range of car rentals to choose from. We have made good experiences with the car-rental CarNet.

If you arrive late in the evening, make sure to check with the rental company that they will bring the car to the port at that hour. Also remember to arrange that they will fill your tank enough for a trip to Moutsoúna and back, or that they will show you an automatic gas station in Naxos where you can get gas at night. The last gas station on the way to us is near Filóti (closed at night).

The drive to our cottages takes about an hour. Here you can find our directions, here you can see our location.

If you come by car, remember to do your shopping in Naxos town or Chalkí. In Moutsoúna (3 km from us) there is a well-stocked mini-market that is open all day in summer (possibly also in the winter for a few hours each day – please check with us).

If you prefer not to rent a car, you can use the bus to get to the next larger village Apíranthos. On some days the bus continues to Moutsoúna; from either villages we can pick you up. Please be aware that you can’t buy the tickets on the bus, you have to get them beforehand. The office of the bus company (ΚΤΕΛ) is directly opposite the harbor pier; the buses also depart from there.

Bus schedules (summer)

For the trip from the port or airport to us you can of course also take a cab. The phone number of the taxi service of Naxos is 0030-22850-24331. The ride to us costs about 100 €.

Especially in the off-season it might also be possbile that we come to pick you up at the port or airport of Naxos. In case you are interested in that please contact us in time to check if it is possible.

Hotels to stay in Naxos Town (Chóra)

If you arrive late in the evening and prefer to make the trip to Moutsoúna the next day, or would like to spend a few days in Naxos Town, there are of course numerous accommodation options in town to choose from. Here are two accommodations recommended by our guests directly in the old center of Naxos:
Pension Kastell
Studio Bourgos

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