Depending upon your interests, you can enjoy a wonderful vacation on Naxos at every time of the year.

From March to May the island of Naxos is covered with lush green and beautiful wild flowers. Spring is the best season for botanists, orchid lovers, bird watchers and hikers. If you know the Cyclades only in the dry summer season, you will especially enjoy a visit in spring. However the weather may still be rather cool and it can rain sometimes.

For hiking spring is the best season.

The best months to visit the Cyclades for many people are May and June and September and October, because then the weather is especially pleasant with temperatures around 20 – 25° C (68 – 77° Fahrenheit).

Of course summer (June to September) is the best season for those who enjoy swimming. Usually on Naxos due to the strong north wind the summer heat is well bearable with temperatures around 30° Celsius (86° Fahrenheit). The hottest period, when temperatures may climb up to 35° Celsius (95° Fahrenheit) for some days, is normally between end of June and end of July. You should not come in summer when you are sensitive to heat or don’t like wind. In the evening, when the sun is less intense, you can undertake walks and smaller excursions even in summer.

In autumn the weather is usually still very good with temperatures around 25° Celsius (77° Fahrenheit), ideal for hiking, while the sea is also still warm enough for swimming.

In winter, the island shows a very different face: everything is green and full of life. Changing weather conditions, impressive clouds, and the often breathtakingly clear atmosphere add to the colourful beauty of the island. Even in winter the weather is often fine with temperatures up to 20° Celsius (68° Fahrenheit). If it is cold, the cottages can be made cosy and warm by our fireplaces.

In fall and winter the weather is cooler but mostly sunny and mild. It can rain (for us the best weather!) and maybe even snow a bit, but in between even in the winter months there are usually long periods with good weather – and good weather in winter is just marvelous!

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