The vegetation of Naxos

For visitors from Central Europe, the island of Naxos seems in many places at first glance rather barren and dreary.

low dwarf shrub vegetation at Ágios Dimítris

The impression is deceptive, however, and will be revised quickly with a visit, for example, to river valleys like that of Potamiá, Kinídaros or Myrísis, or with a hiking tour through the Tragaía in the center of the island or the green valleys around the mountain villages Apíranthos, Kóronos or Komiakí. Here, grows a rich vegetation in the extensively used cultivated areas as well as in wild thickets and bushland.

valley with lush vegetation near Skepóni

abandoned gardens at Kóronos

Apart from the cultivated areas, most of the island of Naxos – mountain slopes and abandoned terraces and fields – is overgrown with low dwarf shrub vegetation (garrigue or phrygana). Especially in the eastern and southern part of the island large areas are covered by an open bushland of small trees and tall shrubs. In addition more or less natural low forest is found, both in the southern part of the island in sheltered valleys and in some places in the mountain valleys. Along several rivers of Northwest Naxos grow dense riparian forests, and many small springs on the mountain slopes are shaded with wild Plane trees.

phrygana at Kinídaros

Juniper macchia

small forest of Kermes Oak at the Stavró Keramotís

riparian forest at Skepóni


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