The landscape of Naxos

Naxos has a lot to offer, its nature as well as its culture. The landscape is especially varied: there are barren slopes where hardly any plants can survive and lush river valleys with dense vegetation; there are high, remote peaks and small cultivated plains. The island has gentle valleys with olive groves, green terraced vineyards and paradise gardens with vegetables and fruit trees of all varieties, it has steep rugged mountain slopes, sometimes bare and bleak, sometimes overgrown with oak forests or low bushes, with hidden springs surrounded by plane trees and deep, green canyons. The coast is diverse as well: you can find small, hidden bays with beautiful white pebbles between inaccessible, sheer marble cliffs; elsewhere there are extensive sandy beaches sometimes with unique juniper-covered dunes.

Cape Stavrós and the islands in the east

the castle of Apalírou

the venetian tower Agiá

chapel near the Chóra

sandy beach in Psilí Ámmos south of Moutsoúna

marble bay close to Ágios Dimítris

And Naxos has just the right size: the island is small enough that you can explore it easily in day trips, but big enough to hold a surprising variety of landscapes: Each area of the island has a character and charm of its own.


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