The Cave of Mount Zeus

The Cave of Mount Zeus (in Greek: Mount “Zas”) is located at an altitude of 628 metres on the steep western slope of Mount Zeus and can be reached by a short hike from the spring “ton Arión”.

The Cave of Mount Zeus lies high up in the steep valley on the western flank of Mount Zeus.

The entrance was formerly closed by a door which is now missing.

The Cave of Mount Zeus consists of two chambers that are quite easy to reach and a deeper chamber that is less accessible. The first chamber about 35 by 10 metres in size with a height of two to five metres; the next chamber is much larger with 78 by 65 metres and a height of up to 22 metres. It is difficult to move there because the ground is covered with large rocks that have fallen from the roof.

The first chamber is quite large but relatively low.

The ceiling consists of impressive marble blocks.

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