The Geometric Cemetery at Tsikalario

Near the village of Tsikalarió lies an ancient cemetery from the Geometric period (11th to 8th century BC), not far from the Venetian fortress Apáno Kástro. It is located within the granite landscape between the valley of Potamiá and the Tragaía and can be reached by a nice walk if you know how to find the way.

From the village of Tsikalarió it is a short walk to the Geometric cemetery.

An indistinct path leads from the last houses of the village into the granite landscape around Apáno Kástro and to the small plain where the ancient graves are located.

In the beginning of May the sage-leaved rock rose is in bloom.

If you follow the valley to the end, you meet a menhir that marks the entrance to the cemetery.

the menhir with the Tragaía in the background

Towards the other direction one looks from the menhir onto the burial ground. The graves are surrounded by circles of upright stones. Here the largest of the stone circles.

Within this stone circle, smaller structures surrounded by stones can be recognized; these are the former individual graves.

On the little plain to the west lie at least six more stone circles.

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