Agios Pachomios and Agios Georgios near Apiranthos

In the valley south of Apíranthos, close to the hiking trail that leads to Danakós, lie two old Byzantine churches from the 10th century with comparatively well preserved murals.

The two churches of Agios Georgios and Agios Pachomios are located in the middle of the cultivated plain.

Agios Georgios, the larger of the two churches, consists of two naves. Here the two apses from the outside.

the church complex from the southwest side

The low door of the northern nave is covered by a disproportionately large lintel stone.

Quite a few murals are visible in the church; here one of the better preserved depicting a Saint.

The very small church of Agios Pachomios dates from the 12th century, so it is slightly younger than the other.

This church is still in use and has a typical wooden iconostasis.

Here the murals in the corners above the pillars below the small church dome are best preserved.

On the south wall below the dome a large angel is depicted.

View from the south towards the churches with Apiranthos in the background

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