The ancient inscription at Apollonas

The village of Apóllonas was named after an antique inscription which lies on a marble cliff on the southern side of the hill with the ancient marble quarry in which the famous Kouros, a gigantic, unfinished marble statue, lies. The inscription reads: “OROS CHORIOU IEROU APOLLONOS” (border of the sacred district of Apollo). The whole hill with its marble quarry was thus dedicated to the god of light and the arts.

View towards Apóllonas; the hill with the marble quarry can be seen on the left. The inscription is located at the top of the hill.

To get to the inscription, you have to climb a fence and then mount this slope.

The ancient sculptors always made their inscriptions on vertical or slightly overhanging marble surfaces, preferably protected from the rain.

ΟΡΟΣ ΧΟΡΙΟΥ ΗΕΡΟΥ ΑΠΟΛΛΩΝΟΣ (the right spelling is actually “ΙΕΡΟΥ” – an error?)

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